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Mary Steinmetz has lived a life as a true modern woman. Starting at the age of seven selling handmade potholders, Mary is a born entrepreneur.

As a single Mother of two children for 30 years, she decided to start her own home based business rather than leave her children in someone else’s care.

She began as a makeup artist and hairstylist in the entertainment industry.  She grew her freelance work into a business. She started both a photography company and a promotional modeling agency in Texas.

From there the business progressed into a top-notch sports and entertainment marketing and promotions firm representing a mix of local and national clients.

Mary has successfully marketed radio stations ranging from sports talk formats to hip-hop and Christian radio.

Mary recently co-wrote and is currently pitching her first screenplay based on a story she thought of over 20 years ago–proving once again that pursuing your passion is always worth the effort.

Mary has reinvented herself at 60 utilizing her experience, strength and native abilities to produce the podcast “The Woman UP!” The show is of, for and about woman 50+.

The podcast features inspiring women’s stories designed to uplift and encourage woman over 50 that it’s never too late to go for their dream life. Sprinkled in are informative shows about topics such as health, wellness and beauty.





Create educational, motivational and informative podcasts and blog posts designed to inspire intelligent women 50+ to go for it in life!


Encourage listeners and supporters of “The Woman Up!” podcast to take action in their lives.

Create and implement programs that engage and involve listeners in recruiting guests for the podcast.

Develop a successful fundraising campaign designed to benefit younger women through grants, mentoring and programs to promote and inspire the next generation.   


The Woman Up podcast and website is of, for and about women 50+.

We are a leading podcast that woman 50+ can turn to for inspiration, information and entertainment on topics that interest them, featuring inspiring true stories of real women

Our Story

When Mary Steinmetz was about to turn 60 she was fortunate enough to hear Jane Fonda’s Ted Talk “Life’s Third Act”. In this inspiring podcast, Jane challenged us as women to think of 60-90 as an entire lifetime, we’ve yet to live. Since as a generation we have a high likelihood of living to 90 we should think of how we won’t spend our Third Act. With this thought in mind, Mary began to dream of how she wanted to spend her Third Act. She decided to create a podcast “The Woman Up! Next, she teamed up with some friends (all liberated males by the way) and began her quest. So this is our story. The rest is history as they say!

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