It has been a long time since I wrote a blogpost (or done a podcast) but finally I am back.


For me I have had to overcome a robbery on January 27th, where I was physically hit by the getaway car and seriously injured my back. At the time I was full speed ahead working with my Bangladeshi partners to create our website and social media campaigns to launch The Woman UP! I worked with my Dallas partner to produce our podcasts. I was interviewing interesting women and so excited about our future.


Following the horrific robbery incident, I went to LA in early February to learn more about podcasting by attending a podcast convention. I was still in shock and pain from the hit and run. I found the event discouraging at best. In every presentation they said in a variety of ways that unless you have a huge following there is no way you can succeed in podcasting. The field was flooded and it was not a good time to plant.


I was facing adversity at every turn. I arrived back home where my main job was to recover from my back injury. I did everything recommended meaning physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, cranial massage therapy, Pilates physical therapy. I did it all as my car insurance told me to do everything I could to recover. At this point it was hard for me walk for more than 15 minutes.


Then on March 8th the Coronavirus became the top issue in my life. I joined the throng of millions of Americans stocking up for what was to be a long period of self-isolation. This grew into stay at home orders where all businesses closed and only essential services were open, grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and the like.


This series will be what I am learning about how to live with and hopefully survive the Coronavirus, Covid-19. I hope to be of help to those who are suffering which is pretty much everyone in the world by sharing what I am learning along the way.


So welcome to our new reality 2020 the year of the great pandemic.