I believe we all have talents, dreams, ideas and inspirations. What helps some of us go all in on pursuing our dreams, while others just as talented, let opportunities slip away?


Is there any truth to the premise that at a certain age it is too late to go for it? Do we collectively support each other as women and encourage our friends and families to chase after their goals?  


I would like to propose that fear and uncertainty, top the list of the reasons we hold back on perhaps the most authentic version of ourselves. Of course I have no way of knowing what your mission, your reason for being is, but I do believe you should go for it!


Napoleon Hill, my favorite author, of my favorite book, Think and Grow Rich says that the only known antidote to fear is repeated acts of courage. This has proven to be true in my experience.


I believe it doesn’t matter whether we succeed or fail (whatever “failure” means) in our pursuit of a higher mission. Rather that we have the hope of future achievement. Hope is the key.


The end result in going for your dreams and aiming high in life is that you feel better about yourself as a result. You will feel better if you just throw caution to the wind and go for it!