By Mary Steinmetz

As part of my major overhaul in dealing with my Third Act as Jane Fonda proposed in her Ted Talk, I decided to lose weight, the extra 10 to12 pounds I have put on in the last couple years.

Personal trainers have told me the weight was slow to come on and will be slow to come off, but this is ridiculous!

Right now I have been working on it for 6 months and have solidly lost 3 pounds 3 POUNDS! Gone are the days of losing 5 pounds in a couple days to fit into the perfect outfit.

I have been strength training twice a week, practicing yoga about twice a week and cycling at the Cyclebar (an intense competitive cycling studio) 5 times per week and yet I am having trouble taking off the weight.

I know the major key to weight loss is the food I’m eating; but why am I putting on weight, or at least holding on to it, while not taking in that many more calories than a few years ago?

Enter slower metabolism…

I don’t know about you but I am not going to give in to being overweight or even obese…Never ever give up the fight women!

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