I am personally near sighted, which means I have been wearing eyeglasses since the ripe old age of 18.


I started with a 1970’s pair of tinted, gradient lenses (yes you remember those) where the top of the lens is darker than the bottom of the lens.


Mine were half wire rimmed on top with dark to light green tint, and yes even a screwed on butterfly ornament! Now if you are into eyeglass fashion you may remember those ornaments.


Wearing glasses is fun! I personally have a collection of various frames to accent different outfits.


Many years ago my company Mary Stein Promotions created marketing programs for Adair Eyewear, a high end, ultra cool eyeglass store in Fort Worth, Texas.


My friend Alyce Jones still owns the store. You can listen to our upcoming podcast about her story and everything eyewear! She taught me eyeglasses are a fun and fabulous work of art and functional fashion!


So think of glasses as an accessory much like jewelry.


Whether you wear glasses all the time like me, or just readers have fun with them!


So get your vision checked annually and add glasses to your wardrobe. Price too high?  Check out vintage frames. Remember fashion is supposed to be fun!!