The best place to start a story is usually at the beginning–so here goes.


In early 2019 I heard a Ted Talk by Jane Fonda called “The Third Act.” I highly recommend listening to it it’s great!


The premise of the talk was that we as modern women now have a high likelihood of living to the age of 90.  Jane encouraged through her talk that we think of life as three acts: Act one from birth to age 30, Act two age 30 through 60, followed by the third act age 60 through 90.


What she proposed was that we look at life differently. That in the past it was thought after 60 we slowed down and then took a precipitous fall to death. What if we shift our paradigm and think of life from 60 to 90 as a whole new lifetime? What if we build a whole new life? That really moved me.


I was 59 when I heard it and I rushed out and bought a couple other books by Jane Fonda on aging. I thought, “I’m going to accept the challenge.”


I am going to shift my paradigm and not look at turning 60 as getting old but rather as young women entering my third act at age 60.


So here we go…let’s talk women!